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Step into the captivating world of Madras Cafe, a slice of Indian culinary heaven nestled in the heart of Glasgow’s city center.

At our creative hub, we had the delightful opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with Madras Cafe, breathing new life into their brand and igniting their presence with a fresh visual identity.

Our collaboration began with a fundamental transformation—the logo. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of India and the vibrant energy of Glasgow, our design wizards meticulously redesigned the logo. The result was a symbiotic fusion that marries tradition with modernity, an emblem that not only represents Madras Cafe’s delectable offerings but also resonates with the spirit of their city center location.

/ Our creative magic

But our creative magic didn’t stop at the logo. We took the helm of crafting a cohesive visual identity that seeped into every aspect of Madras Cafe’s persona. From the menus that beckon diners to a culinary adventure to the captivating advertisements that tease the senses, our designs encapsulated the essence of Madras Cafe’s flavors and ambience, ensuring that each piece told a vivid story of taste and culture.

/ A rich tapestry

Menus came alive with designs that enticed diners on a cultural gastronomic tour. Advertisements and posters adorned the cityscape, inviting all to savor Indian cuisine’s rich tapestry. And in the digital realm, our social media management kindled conversations, infusing the virtual space with the aroma of Madras Cafe’s offerings.

/ A rich tapestry

Every design element, from menus to social media posts, is a result of our creative synergy with Madras Cafe. Together, we’ve woven an experience that marries Indian flavors with Glasgow’s vibrancy—inviting you to indulge in more than just food.

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