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TStep into the world of The Punjab Times, an emerging Indian culinary haven in Renfrew.

At our creative hub, we’ve had the privilege to shape The Punjab Times’ journey from inception, breathing life into their brand with an all-encompassing design transformation.

Our journey began with crafting a logo that encapsulated the essence of The Punjab Times—a blend of tradition and modernity, just like their culinary offerings. This emblem became the face of a visual identity that permeated every corner of The Punjab Times, establishing a unique and unforgettable identity.

/ A flavourful narrative

But our design magic didn’t stop there. From menus resembling newspapers, transporting diners into a flavourful narrative, to eye-catching posters and flyers that generate buzz, we’ve laid the visual foundation for The Punjab Times to shine.

/ A dynamic website

In the digital realm, our expertise truly came alive. We fashioned a dynamic website that not only showcases their offerings but also facilitates seamless food ordering—an experience tailored for taste and convenience.

/ A fusion of design

As The Punjab Times makes its mark, so does our creative touch. From captivating signage to every design element, we’ve partnered with them to craft a story of taste and aesthetics. The Punjab Times isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a fusion of design, flavors, and innovation that’s set to capture palates and hearts in Renfrew and beyond.

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